Full Version: One misspelt word kills millions
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So it looks as though yet again religious fundamentalisma and fanaticism was the underlying driver for the Norwegian nutcase to go out and massacre 100 children. Still what's another 100 or so victims of this fairy tale claptrap nonsense that is taught throughout the world. Countless millions have neen slaughtered in the name of religion over the centuries with countless millions having their lives ruined and add to this the tens of thousands raped and assaulted by the clergy and it all comes to a pretty pass. The sooner Richard Dawkins is elected dictator of the world and all religion is banned the sooner human life can progress and good prevail. Funny isn't it how by just missing one letter out of a word that it causes all this trouble and tragedy over the centuries. Its down to misspelling again I suppose. Had they just added another O then none of this would have happened. GOOD instead of GOD. One letter has killed millions.
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