Full Version: Traffic rant - with no apologies!
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Yet again here in south Wales we are faced with our one and only major road to England blocked by a traffic incident. Okay, there was a lorry fire in one of the Brynglas Tunnels but as always the so called emergency services will make the most of it. Health & Safety, checks on possible damage and we are told it will be closed 'indefinitely', In the meantime it took me 3 hours to get to an appointment in Weston Super Mare this morning which was curtailed and the meeting is to be held again. I, and hundreds of other motorists was stuck at the Coldra roundabout for over 40 minutes because the police in attendance did absolutely nothing to stop approaching traffic pulling across the lanes, on to the cross hatchings, and blocking the exits. One PC standing with his arms folded answered 'oh yea' when I pointed out to him that the whole jam could have been relieved if they stopped the vehicles doing this and also turned off the traffic lights and allowed vehicles to sort themselves out. I totally despair of the modern force who have not the slightest interest in getting traffic moving again. I am sure they, and the other emergency services, absolutely love these incidents where they can show off their power and spend hours counting all the vehicles they have held up. Yet again, £100's of thousands - and soon to be millions -of lost business and trade; missed meetings; missed flights and total frustration at our incompetence. On returning this afternoon even more of the M4 eastbound had been closed and at Jcn 32 the message read -
'England - take A470, A40, M50 and M5'. Are they totally off their heads? This would involve about a 140 mile detour if you wanted to get to Bristol! And what about the lorry driver? Looks as if it started with a tyre on fire. Couldn't he have driven it another 50 yards before stopping?
Now wales is left with long delays yet again after the 5 years? of disruption we have already had to endure on this stretch. I now despair that Wales will ever catch up economically with the rest of the uk where we are already 25% below England, Scotland and N/Ireland in GDP. Until we have some intelligent politicians, instead of the morons now elected, who will push through another road into Wales as a matter of priority then anyone in business in Wales might as well pack up and either give it all up or move to England. If we had spent the £4-5 billion they have spent on S4C and welsh language promotion over the last 30 years and spent it on necessary infrastructure we would not now be in this position. Still, at least 20% of the population can now sing the national anthem in their language while the country disappears into an economic black hole. The only problem is, If you do see sense and want to move out of Wales with your business you'll now have to drive about 70 miles further! Afraid I have got to the stage where I am wondering whether the poet R S Thomas got it right
There is no present in Wales
And no future
There is only the past
Brittle with relics
Wind bitten towers and castles
With sham ghosts
Mouldering quarries and mines
And an impotent people
Sick with inbreeding
Worrying the carcass of an old song.
Sorry to have to bring it up guys and gals but wales is in a sorry mess and we only have ourselves to blame for voting in the morons we have in power.
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