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Don't ever, ever take out car insurance with the Post Office. Paid £80 a month for 7 months then sold the car and rang them to cancel the insurance and they told us they wanted £495 cancellation fee. Told them to stick it - appalling attitude from them - threats of debt collectors. Now its with the ombudsman. They dicked me about now its my turn.
Never mind insurance Post Office counters need to get their scales checked more frequently. Recently wanted to post a parcel to Montenegro and local office wanted £32 - took it to Crown Office in nearby town, sent for £17.50 - called local council's Weights and Measure Inspector to report problem and vivt them to "dick local Post Office about" -
Remember , when you make any complaint to the Financial Service Ombudsman, the Institution you are complaining about have to pay a levy of £600 , win or lose....... so if your claim is worth less than £600 they are likely to settle if you say you will go to the Ombudsman if they don't compensate you!
I've informed them that I've gone to the ombudsman so lets hope that will be it - unless they want to make a case that 'short term' penalties are valed!
Ombudsman found in our favour and many others who joined us in this. They had to withdraw the demand for payment and £100 to us in compensation. Good result. The small man can win sometimes!
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