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Sick of Hacking Enquiries - burmawybita - 07-20-2011 10:12 AM

Anyone else sick of the mealy mouthed moron politicians on about hacking ad infinitum?The Eurozone is going down the tubes, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland and now Italy are bankrupt. We are on the verge of another banking crisis that will leave the last one in the shade; it will take 20 years to clear up the mess left by that cretin Gordon Brown who showed the world in Parliamaent last week just what a lying, appalling, pathetic, psychologically challenged idiot he is only to be superceded by Ed, call me plasticine gob, Wallace who uses a murdered schoolgirl's name for his own political ends. What a load of pompous, useless, hypocritical bastards these MP's are. Chris Bryant, with his own agenda. as it was the News of the World who outed him as a gay posing in his underpants on gay chat sites. MP's with big smiles on their faces as they have got rid of a paper that would expose their wrongdoings and corruption and have now made sure they have muzzled the rest of the press. I, and many others I know, are now siding with Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and News International. Murdoch should tell them all to go to hell and not pay another penny out to anyone who has been hacked. Let 'em go to hell - with Steve Coogan, Jude Law and all the rest of the so called slebs not one of whom will be missed by the world if they fell off a cliff tomorrow.