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03-21-2011, 06:53 PM (This post was last modified: 03-26-2011 11:16 AM by burmawybita.)
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Has anyone got any figures on how many people have ever watched S4C? It costs over £100 million a year to run it and at the last count I think they were up to about 16, including the cameraman. That's about 6 million quid each. Seems well worth it to me. Up the Welsh I say!!Tongue

Just Dickin'Tongue
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03-28-2011, 03:12 PM
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Western Mail prodiced the figures some months ago when discussing their executives' Mochyn like snouts in the trough of Barnett Formula cash, that fewer than 20% of S4C programmes attracted more than 10,000 viewers over a three-week period in February and March. The costs since S4C started are thought to be in excess of £1.8 billion, enough for three new District General Hospitals or to give free dental treatment to people living in Wales for 100 years and if you have ever been to Merthyr you would see why the latter would be a good thing.!!
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03-28-2011, 04:00 PM
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I heard a rumour that all males in England were sent a leaflet warning them about mouth cancer and how to look for it some years ago but the men in Wales didn't get it because the Wonderful WAG wouldn't pay to have the leaflet translated into Welsh. So it must follow that there are probably men in Wales now who have mouth cancer that they could have prevented or caught in early stages but weren't able to because of the mind boggingly stupid rules that say everything must be in Welsh as well. Hope mouth cancer sufferers will now be able to take a class action against these morons. Case for the no fee lawyers if you ask me.Angry

Just Dickin'Tongue
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03-28-2011, 06:32 PM
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So UKIP has just come up with their manifesto for Wales - ban AM's and get the MP's to do the work. Bloody brilliant. That's my vote settled for May. Less talking shops and less committees. Good old Nigel - you'll get there in the end!!Tongue

Just Dickin'Tongue
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03-28-2011, 09:40 PM
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Well done UKIP - sense at last, it's no wonder Tories are deserting Cameron and his orange movement. Know nothing about mouth cancer but was amazed that the 2011 census forms were seperate documents with English and Welsh versions. My understandig fom the DVLA is that you cannot be issued with a separate English only driving licences or vehicle registration documents if you have an address in Wales. This has been a real problem when travelling by car further abroad than the EU in Europe to avoid fat filled shell suits from Merthyr Tydfil - can I recommend Croatia, Montenegro and Albania as Merthyr free zones. There are Germans there but generally they require only one sun bed each so there are twice as many to go around as in Magaluf!!
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04-13-2011, 05:38 PM
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Even more shite precipatated by cretinous S4C viewers I imagine, a minority that prefers death by dangerous bi-linguilism to life...................................................
English signs disappear at children's Moel Tryfan race
Moel Tryfan is smaller than its higher and more famous namesake, Tryfan
Police are investigating claims that English language way markers for a children's mountain race in Snowdonia went missing.

Organiser Mike Blake said the local suggestion was they were removed at Moel Tryfan at Fron, near Caernarfon, because they were not also in Welsh.

He put the signs on a stretch of the 0.75 km (0.4m) route because of poor visibility in one section.

Nineteen children competed in the junior section of the competition.

They ran shortly after the adult race began, and organisers became aware of a problem only after a delay in the return of the first junior runners.

It then became apparent that the signs to help them find their way had been removed.

Other signs in the village relating to last Tuesday's race had also been removed, it is claimed.

Mr Blake said: "I marked the mountain in advance of the race.

"There's a 150 yard bleak part on the three-quarters of a kilometre route. Visibility was bad so I placed markers and signs along the route."

A North Wales Police spokesperson confirmed the matter had been reported to them and an investigation was under way.
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04-13-2011, 06:20 PM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2011 06:21 PM by burmawybita.)
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Just heard today how the very attractive north/mid Wales nasal accent is achieved. Apparently it started with Idwal ap Lollio who was a doctor in the 18th century and attended a lot of births and trained many midwives. To avoid the babies breathing in foul air and being open to catching the many poxes abroad in Wales at the time he used to shove a cauliflower seedling up each nostril and hold it in place by a plug of sheep wool shaved from the scrotum of two year old tups and sealed against the rain, which is very prevalent in that area, by a thick smearing of sheep shite. Apparently, this did prevent the pox but most died within a few weeks because the plants took root and sprouted through their ears. The few that did survive had their genes very badly affected by this - (the Galapagos finches being mere beginners in the evolutionary movement compared to them) - and their offspring can still be seen in various pubs around the country with what is colloquially known as cauliflower ears, but more importantly with a fucking awful accent that only they, their sheep dog and three hundred interpreters in WAG, costing 10 million smackers a week, can understand. I would never have believed this story if it wasn't told to me by the winner of the Canton eisteddfodd in 1919. Didn't know they had those in China! If anyone can authenticate this account I'm going to whip off a quick paper to the BMJ toute de suite! Funny old life.Confused

Just Dickin'Tongue
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04-14-2011, 09:20 PM
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Wales's last stand!
Staff at an Anglesey hotel have been banned by managers from speaking Welsh when the head chef is in the kitchen.

The Carreg Mon near Llanfairpwll asked employees not to use Welsh because he does not speak the language and is responsible for health and safety.

The Welsh Language Board (WLB) is to write to the hotel and wants a meeting with the managers.

General manager Ruth Hogan insisted the hotel was not discriminating against the language.

Of its 25 staff, only three are non-Welsh speaking.

"There is absolutely no discrimination against the Welsh or English language here, it's only about safety standards”
She said that there was "no issue about the Welsh language here".

"If anything we encourage the Welsh language to be spoken here. There is absolutely no discrimination against the Welsh or English language here, it's only about safety standards."

A WLB spokesperson said: "With more than 60% of the island's population speaking the language, a figure which rises to 87% in some communities, Anglesey is one of the strongholds of the Welsh language

"It is therefore a shock and a great disappointment that an employer on the island takes this stance against the language."

The WLB added: "This could be a matter the Equalities and Human Rights Commission may want to take up. Under current legislation, the Welsh Language Board's powers do not cover such instances.

"But it is a clear example why protecting people's freedom to speak Welsh at the workplace has been included in the new Welsh language legislation, which will come to force next year."

You know, you couldn't really make this up could you? Can you believe that in the 21st century the Welsh Taliban are still running Wales? No wonder it's the worst performing country in the UK and still sliding down the hill! In 20 years time Wales would have disappeared completely, singing their hymns, hating England and the English, booing when the other side kick for goal, pulling everyone back into the 18th century and wondering why they're not up there with the big boys! For fuck's sake put your tiny brains over the bridge once in a while and try and pick up some tips on how to live! I think the modern expression is 'smell the coffee'!Sad

Just Dickin'Tongue
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05-25-2011, 10:12 PM
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Rare outbreak of common sense in West Wales :-

A LANGUAGE row is brewing in West Wales after a radio station submitted a request to reduce the amount it broadcasts in Welsh.

Radio Ceredigion has made the request to Ofcom asking to change its current format, a move which has been criticised by language campaigners and station supporters.

The broadcaster wants to remove a requirement that the station’s bilingual output should equate to roughly half and half English and Welsh.

It also wishes to reduce the requirement for Welsh-language music tracks (during daytime hours) from 20% to 10% of music output.

Martin Mumford, managing director of station owners Town and Country Broadcasting, said: “It cannot be right that a local radio station must find contributors who speak Welsh every time we use a contribution from somebody who speaks English.

“It cannot be right that we have to cut segments of important interviews because the current format does not allow us to broadcast them.”

Radio Ceredigion was launched in 1992, and serves an area with 72,000 adults.

It was bought in April 2010 and its new owners, Town and Country Broadcasting, moved its base from Aberystwyth to share with other stations in the same group in Narberth, Pembrokeshire.

The station says a change would give it greater flexibility on the way it broadcasts interviews and features.

In its application, the company say: “A recent example is Radio Ceredigion’s appearance on BBC1’s ‘DIY SOS’ programme, when a small part of the interview was aired during the show.

“Our programming team wanted to re-play the full interview with Nick Knowles at 11.15am but decided it could not as it was five minutes of English language which would be almost impossible to balance with Welsh without breaking into full Welsh programming for an hour or two.

“This is because, like most small local stations, the bulk of our output is music so speech is limited in any case. We were therefore forced to air the interview at 7.10pm to allay any fears of breaking the 50/50 obligation during daytime.”

In September it was announced that watchdog Ofcom planned to vary the radio station’s licence to increase its Welsh-language output.

A listeners’ group organised a 3,000-name petition over the amount of Welsh language output and claimed the station was paying only “lip service” to it.

The chairman of campaign group Friends of Radio Ceredigion, Geraint Davies, welcomed Ofcom’s plans at the time.

Yesterday he said: “We welcome the fact that Ofcom have decided to undertake a consultation here because under the current format they actually have the right to pass this application without consultation.

“We are calling on Ofcom to ensure that Radio Ceredigion sticks to its current service format.

“We also call on individuals, groups and communities within our boundary to respond to this application as it is damaging not only to the good name of Radio Ceredigion but also to the Welsh language.”

Welsh-language campaign group Cymdeithas yr Iaith first raised concerns when the management of the company was transferred to Pembrokeshire.

Bethan Williams, chairwoman of Cymdeithas yr Iaith, said: “The Welsh Government can tighten the rules and language policies of Ofcom to ensure that there are no further cutbacks – that needs to be done straight away.”

She added: “In an area where over half the population speaks Welsh, Radio Ceredigion should, like every local radio station in Wales, reflect the demand rather than cutting it.

“There is been an explosion in the range of stations which are available in English, while Welsh-language provision has declined severely.

“This experience strengthens the case for devolving responsibility for broadcasting to Wales.”

Ofcom has invited written views and comments on the issues raised in the application, to be made by 5pm on June 3.
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06-01-2011, 10:41 PM
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........................................Pedantic or antiquarian forms and literal or whimsical translations should be avoided unless... they are in common use both locally and nationally”
End Quote
Welsh Language Board.............................does this signal the end of mindless and exp[ensive Welsh Translations and the need for a Welsh Language Broadcast media listened to by no-one that cannot speak English.........I bloody hope so...............Wales could do with saving £100M wasted on S4C and impove both health and health services. Private Health Insurance for S4C employees and free Krispy Creme Doughnuts for Merthyr Residents I expect to be the first loss!!
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